Monday, January 22, 2007

Meet Men at a Shooting Competition

Sunday Shooting Competition
Bell County, Eastern Kentucky

Ben Barney, Bill Wilder, Charles Ranghard and Dale Snowden along with a couple of other friends hold shooting competitions every Sunday in their hometown of Bell County, which is located in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. The men say that there are few job opportunities in their county that primarily produces coal. Their local elementary school even closed down last year, due to lack of funds, and their children, as young as four years old travel on a bus for an hour to attend school. The men, who are all hunters, say that guns have been apart of their lives and culture since they were children. There is not much to do in their dry town so this provides a good source of entertainment. Ben explains, “Some weekends this place is packed and we often bring our kids out. The fellow with the closest shot to the x wins his wife a turkey or a ham.”

After the first round. Seeing who shot closest to the center of the X.

Closed Elementary School.

My friend Jill shoots a gun for the first time.

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kissandtell said...

As always, it is a total delight to read about the people you meet. It's very inspirational. I recall you telling me just a few months ago that you were having a hard time being creative. But-- and this is a big "but"-- the growth of your project is a testament of the fact thaf you are headed in the right direction. From a small island called Manhattan, I send you my dearest and best wishes. The best is still to come.


PS By the way, I am going on a cross-country trip in the summer. Did I even tell you about that?