Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Meet Todd

Its February and I have been living in Key West on a sailboat now for about four months. Its been an adjustment from Kentucky, but I am really enjoying the challenges of a new lifestyle and home base. I live simply, even pee in a bucket and shower in a cold shack! Yep, but it's great.

I am glad to finally start focusing more on the Meet A Stranger Project, which I have been neglecting! I purchased a new recorder, replacing my old dictaphone, with grants funds from Damali Ali. Damali also hooked me up with a mentor, April Baer, who is helping me learn more about audio podcasting. These are my very amateur attempts, but I hope to see them improve to be pretty cool as time goes by!

Below is an interview I did this week, with a fellow named Todd, who lives on the street. I was parked outside the library using WiFi, when I heard Todd singing Total Eclipse of the Heart. I couldn't help but ask him to sing it into my microphone....


Linda said...

Good to see you are still meeting strangers. I have been thinking about you lately, wondering how you were.

We have been making some big plans of our own. Remodeling, vacationing, moving. It should be a busy year.

One Love Photo said...

your work is inspiring, this is why I love to travel. I always meet so many fun strangers. I guess there are strangers everywhere I am just more open while on vacation. I love both blogs. Jon and I have been looking and giggling for our friday night fun.