Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Meet Jose

JOSE is a tree deliveryman in Miami, Florida and drives a custom-detailed sparkling blue Chevrolet Kodiak 5500 commercial mini semi-truck. Tonight Jose’s work truck has become his ride. It is Hip Hop Weekend in South Miami and Jose along with friends is cruising the main drag. Traffic is barely moving with one pimped-out car behind the other and by far Jose has the largest ride on the road. He says that driving around has been fun and that his truck is receiving many stares. So far he tells me I am the first girl they’ve picked up. Jose purchased his Chevrolet because it was large with a DVD player and extra engine designed into the frame. Just to fill up the tank it cost him two hundred dollars. It is all worth it too Jose and the light turns green.

Jose's Truck

South Beach, Miami

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