Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Meet Nardia and Jantzen

JANTZEN and NARDIA are also in South Beach tonight on a neon green Kawasaki Motorcycle. Both are visiting Miami for the Memorial Day Weekend. Nardia is originally from Jamaica but lives in Tampa, Florida and works as a receptionist at a Medical Center. Jantzen is a Senior Operation Analyst for Bank of America in Dallas, Texas. Jantzen and Nardia have just met tonight. She says she choose him because her green dress matched his green ride. “She is walking and socializing, I’m riding and socializing”, says Jantzen. Jantzen used to race Kawasaki’s and was sponsored by the company but says now he just rides, “it is my hobby”. Referring to the neon color of his bike, “If you ever race for Kawasaki this is the color you are going to be racing in. It is called Kawasaki green and they have a patent on the color.” Jantzen is dressed in green from head to toe and even has neon green riding gloves. “Whenever I ride my motorcycle I have the responsibility to match my motorcycle. That is just my choice and some may say that’s my signature.” Jantzen attends motorcycle events with the fellows because they are the guy trips. But other than that he does like to take in social events with the woman in his life. “But a lot of them I try to do with the fellows, because that is the fellows bonding time.”

Nardia on the sidewalk later in the evening.

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