Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Meet Joe

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This Joe and he works as bike courier in downtown Louisville. Joe was an avid biker before taking the job, but not the spandex wearing type. He has worked at Bike Courier for two years and gets to pick and choose his routes and deliveries. He really likes his job because he does not have to work in an office all day. He also gets to sit outside and do nothing in between breaks, meet all types of strange people and talk to the homeless. On any given day Joe makes between forty to fifty deliveries. The weirdest deliveries that he makes is riding blood, urine and unknown iced objects to and from hospitals. On average people treat Joe with respect. However he suspects it is because he delivers many of them their paychecks. When Joe is not riding his bike he creates cartoons and comic books. One day he hopes to publish his work. Joe was born and raised in southern California but moved to Louisville with his family when he was seventeen. He thinks Louisville is okay. He likes it because it is cheap and easy to get around. When Joe was twenty-one he had his most defining identity change. As he lifted his sleeves and showed me his tattoos he admitted that he used to be a Satanist. He was unhappy then and believes that it was a product of his upbringing. Today Joe is happy.

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