Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Meet Karen

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This is Karen and she is a legal secretary and administrative assistant at a law office in downtown Louisville. Karen has worked at the same company for ten years and found her job through a current coworker. Her responsibilities have always been multitasked and as she puts it “multi-hats”. Karen has ADHD and finds it necessary to be efficient and well organized. She is always looking for ways to make things better. Karen has family photos on her desk displaying her two grown children, a daughter and son, and two beautiful grandchildren. She loves sunflowers and finds strength in their symbol. Karen is the master of hugs and loves making people feel important. However she has learned to ask before she hugs as some people are not as receptive of receiving. In her purse is a key chain that says, “ I love hugs”. Karen wants to be strong and at the same time loving. Karen is excited about her job and is excellent at helping clients involved in personal injury cases. She finds it easy to relate to other peoples sufferings. She has also learned that one does not have to do a lot of talking, a hug will do it! She believes that is the purpose behind her hugs. Karen’s desk is next to a huge window that offers the most natural light in the office.

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